Testimonials & Pictures

Phillip- 2/24/18

Best movers in town. Well pleased. A first class act.

Connie- 2/23/18

They were all great. Very professional. Great to see Jerry again!

Danny- 2/22/18

All employees were courteous and professional. Took good care of our things. Will recommend to others.

Amy- 2/20/18

Very courteous, right on time, hard workers, and pleasant company. Careful and thorough!

Emily- 2/19/18

Very impressed! I am very pleased and everyone was kind.

Meg- 2/12/18

PJ and Derrick moved quickly and carefully and handled my chairs and table like they cared for doing a good job. They did a great job and if I need to move anything again, I will call Evan and ask for them.

Melinda- 2/8/18

Wonderful guys- well mannered.

Louis- 2/7/18

Good- Very pleased with your help.

Douglas- 1/31/18

Wonderful group of guys. Very polite and would use them again!

Steve- 1/26/18

Great job

Heather- 1/24/18

Awesome job! Punctual and efficient and everything was handled with great care! Would highly recommend!

Don- 1/19/18

Did good

David- 1/17/18


Ricky- 1/11/18

Good job! 3rd move you have made for me.

Phobe- 1/11/18

Professional- Kind- Use over again!

Emily- 1/10/18

Wonderful experience. I'll gladly give recommendations.

Kathryn- 1/6/18

Great job! Very efficient with time and courteous.

Sarah- 1/3/18

They did a great job! They let me be picky and I appreciate it.

Don- 1/2/18

Good job

Landon- 12/29/17

Great. Very professional and courteous.

Mathew- 12/16/17

Everything went great! Good crew, good service. Will recommend to others.

ED- 12/15/17

PJ and crew were fantastic! Great job- Highly recommend you guys!

Word- 12/14/17

Once again, The Local Mover was on time, did a great job. We've done big, distant, short and right there moves. All have been outstanding. Thank you!!!

Golda- 12/13/17

Excellent service- special care is taken with all possessions.

Emmett- 12/7/17

Great service and job. Fast.

Manuel- 12/2/17

Great job, professional and efficient.

Katie- 11/28/18

Quick efficient- very personable!

Russell- 11/28/17

Excellent job!

William- 11/24/17

PJ, Derrick, and Phillip did a great job for which I am very appreciative.

Michelle- 11/20/17

Great job

Lee- 11/17/17

Great job!

Charlie- 11/17/17

Great job. Fair price.

Sam- 11/14/17

Guys did a great job. 

Kim- 11/8/17

Great job!

Nancy- 11/6/17


Lyman- 11/6/17


Ellen- 10/27/17

This team couldn't be more calm, more compliant, or more comforting at a very intense moment in time. I would recommend this company to anyone!

Ed- 10/23/17

Excellent job- great great service

Mary Alice- 10/19/17

Beautiful move! Thanks. Very very good!

Leslie- 10/18/17

Great job guys!

Perry- 10/16/17

100% satisfied

Robert and Wilma- 10/13/17

Kudoes to you all! Evan, PJ, and crew. It could not have been a netter move. They all did so and were so wiling and pleasant to work with. I cannot thank them enough for all they did! I would heartily recommend them to anyone who needs a move.

Bruce- 9/30/17

Great job. Always great work by PJ and the group! Thanks!

Carla- 9/27/17

Awesome: you guys were very professional and easy to work with. I will recommend your services.

Richard- 9/26/17

Great job!

Emily- 9/25/17

Wonderful crew. A very easy move to storage. Thanks!

Cheryl- 9/23/17

Evan, these guys need a raise! So polite and hard working! We were so happy! Thank you!

Walter- 9/22/17

Great move. The men worked very hard. Nothing broken!

Michelle- 9/18/17

Excellent job!

George- 9/12/17

Speedy, efficient packing of books, friendly and helpful.

Hollie- 9-5-17

The guys did a great job! We were able to get everything moved in a short amount of time. Highly recommend The Local Mover.

John- 9/4/17

Professional, fast paced, polite, and accommodating. Could not have been better.

Jim- 8/24/17

Outstanding crew. Best in all our dozen moves. The men were very helpful in all respects. Highly recommended.

Ben- 8/22/17

Got here on time. Did great. Friendly

Violette- 8/19/17

Excellent crew: quick, careful, nice to deal with.

Eric- 8/16/17

Outstanding Will gladly use again.

Maha- 8/14/17

 As usual, GREAT! Professional, careful, excellent, really nice guys, too.

Jim- 8/12/17

Great job and great people!

Karen- 8/10/17
Went to work immediately. Very congenial. No complaints. Very polite and accommodating. Would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Walta- 8/7/17

Men did a fabulous job despite a steady rain. They worked very hard and were efficeint with their time.

Ward- 8/4/17

Once again The Local Mover took the best care for us. Focused, careful, and timely.

Jeff- 8/3/17
The crew was very good. They showed up on time, were very professional and did an expert job packing and loading the truck.

Frank- 8/3/17

Crew did a quick, great job. No issues WHATSOEVER. Highly recommended.

Ellen- 7/31/17

No customer could be more satisfied!

Kent- 7/28/17

PJ and crew worked hard, were really respectful, careful, and cooperative. Could not have been better.

Katie- 7/22/17

Great job- Nice fellas!

David- 7/20/17

Great movers. Very nice folks. Took good care of us and our belongings. Thank you.

Carol- 7/19/17

Great job- very helpful

Tammy- 7/19/17

The crew did a great job. They were very gentle with our fragile items. I highly recommend them and the company.

Elle- 7/18/17

The guys are perfect!

Lisa- 7/15/17

AWESOME!!! Best movers I've ever worked with. They almost made the move fun!

Jan- 7/13/17

Great job! Professional and respectful of our property.

Lisa- 7/11/17

Great job! very courteous and gentle with our stuff. Thanks!

Howard- 7/10/17

Great job! Thank you.

Candi- 7/9/17

Great- they think about the whole process! Nice!

Staci- 7/9/17

PJ, Billy, and Kevin did a fabulous job! Please send them for our next move. Nothing was damaged or treated roughly. Thanks so much!

Joan- 7/6/17

Great job- all around! Many thanks!

Joan- 7/3/17

Yay! Thanks so much!

John- 6/30/17

Great job as always!

Ward- 6/30/17

PJ and Billy performed with full attention and care. It was a complex moving job and everything went exactly were it should and fast too.

Laura- 6/27/17

Amazing! Great service!

Jeannie- 6/24/17

Very professional;.

Joan- 6/23/17

Good job!

Faye- 6/21/17

Great- Amazing packing- so kind. Thank you!

David- 6/17/17

Perfect!!! On time and fast! Took great care with moving our stuff.

Joan- 6/16/17


Mary Ann- 6/15/17

Fabulous crew. Great guys. So efficient. All great.

Melissa- 6/11/17

Great! Excellent! Best ever will highly recommend.

Morgan- 5/7/17


Thomas- 6/5/17

On Time! Very Efficient

Bonni- 6/5/17

Thank you! They were great! I highly recommend them all!

Jeannie- 6/5/17

Good experience!

Tim- 6/3/17

Great job! Quick and easy

Stephanie and Jodi- 6/1/17

Great job! Very efficient. Thanks

Stephanie- 6/1/17

Wonderful job, very careful! Thanks

Mary Ann- 5/31/17

Smooth going! great job! Very pleased!

Kammy- 5/30/17

Once again, this crew was the best we've ever seen! They are skilled packers and the easiest and friendliest to work with. Thank you for your excellent service!

Tom- 5/30/17

Fantastic Job! Very careful and quick with their work. Friendly crew. Highly recommended

Adam- 5/26/17

Great job!

Sarah- 5/25/17

Super duper! Always polite, reliable, and professional.

Debbie- 5/24/17

PJ, Jerry, and Derrick were especially careful, taking extra time to move antiques that were more than one hundred years old. They were friendly, polite, and concerned about doing the right thing in a complex move. I appreciate their willingness to set up my bed and get all the boxes in the right room!

Mildred- 5/22/17

Awesome job! Courteous, efficient, and work very well together

Lee- 5/21/17

They were wonderful! So patient! Thank you

Pollyanne- 5/20/17

Great job!

Matt- 5/20/17

Great work!

Katherine- 5/17/17

Friendly, efficient and professional!I Love working with the Local Mover team!

Justyna- 5/19/17

It was all very good.

David- 5/17/17

Excellent work. Very impressed. Thank you!

Hilery- 5/13/17

Great! Thanks so much!

Mary- 5/8/17

PJ, Derrick, Jerry did a great job!!! Thank you so much

Polly- 5/4/17

Fantastic job! Would recommend them to anyone.

Patty- 5/1/17

Great work, great group, very time efficient, took care with my things

​Lindsey- 4/26/17

You guys are great! Thank you

Landon and Jerica- 4/25/17

PJ, Derrick, and Jerry did an awesome job! We will highly recommend them to anyone! So proud of the service and their work!! Exceptional!:)

Rand- 4/22/17

Guys were great! I rescheduled 2 times and no complaint. Fast, careful, conscientious- would highly recommend to others.

Bill- 4/18/17

Good Job!!!

Tom- 4/15/17

Fantastic job! Very Courteous

W- 4/17/17

Excellent job on both ends of the move. Very professional

Joseph- 4/14/17

Thank you gentlemen for a good job. On time. Made it look easy. Very heavy piano, bed, futon and fire-safe. I appreciate the care taken.

Autumn- 4/13/17

I was Absolutely Impressed with these guys! They took great care of all our furniture and were very quick! Thank You!

Joan- 4/12/17

Thank you! Y'all are wonderful and made my day EASY. Thanks for being polite!

Ward- 3/12/17

Once again- impressed! Arrived promptly, addressed their purpose and finished early. Great job! Thank you!

Kevin- 4/10/17

Great job. Fast and efficient

Diane- 4/8/17

What can I say that isn't anything but glowing? Strong, smart, organized, efficient, friendly, and super helpful. Thank you!

Wayne- 4/7/17

Great job- no damage, guys worked hard

Rebecca- 4/5/17

Timely, Professional, Careful

Shana- 4/4/17

Very well, thank you! Y'all were easy to work with and we are very grateful.

Sherry- 4/1/17

The group (crew) was professional, cautious and respectful. I will certainly recommend them!

Chas- 3/31/17

On time and careful

Wade- 3/29/17

Delighted. Very attentitive and cordial. Efficient and helpful

Ward- 3/28/17

Once again our friends at the Local Mover performed without flaws. They are attentive, careful, polite, caring, and explicitly thorough. Thank you so much!

Lee- 3/24-25/17

Very efficient and very friendly!:) and fun company.

Ana- 3/21/17

The Best Workers Ever! Thank you.

Jennifer- 3/15/17


Marie, Ellen, Margaret, and Caroline- 3/13/17

We couldn't have been happier or more impressed with the group and their great skills. Many thanks for all your help!

David- 3/10/17

Great job

Mary and Alan- 3/4/17

Great job!

C.- 3/1/17

Fabulous group! Careful- Polite- Efficient!

Nuama- 2/25/17

Everyone did a GREAT Job! Highly recommend to ANYONE looking to move! Very professional and courteous... And entertaining.

Ashley- 2/24/17

Very very helpful. I couldn't be happier. Thank you so so much

June- 2/21/17

Super! Thank you

Todd- 2/21/17 

Great Job!

Mayna- 2/19/17

everything is excellent

Pam- 2/18/17

Could not have done a better job! So professional. A great move.

Mary Claire- 2/13/17

Great day of moving!!! Thank you.

Margaret- 2/6/17

Excellent as always! Great crew.

Melissa- 2/4/17

Absolutely wonderful!

Elder- 1/31/17

After my second experience with The Local Mover I cannot say enough about how good you are to work with. The care, attention, thoughtfulness, and respectfulness my team displayed was outstanding.

Caroline- 1/27/17

Very successful move, crew a pleasure to work with, very careful, knowledgeable, would recommend to others.

Oren- 1/19/17

Fantastic crew. Always putting the customer first! God Bless!!

Scott- 1/17/17

Great job, again!

Jim- 1/14/17

Great move! Everything was done to perfection. Look forward to working with the group again.

Bruce- 1/13/17

Great job! Well worth the cost. I could not have done this myself.

Phillip- 1/12/17

They did a very good job.

Emily- 1/11/17

Wonderful! Thanks so much for the excellent service- very professional and thoughtful.

Duane- 1/10/17

These guys were very professional. 10 on the scale of 1-10

Gayle- 1/9/17

Good job- worked hard

Mica- 1/7/17

Wonderful. Thank you!

Steve- 12/27/16

Good job

Scott- 12/23/16

Great crew. As good as your reputation!

Fred- 12/22/16

Crew leader is great- Jerry is great, the other are ok.

Hampton- 12/20/16

Guys did great! fast- very helpful!

Elizabeth- 12/19/16

The Local Mover in Sewanee are very efficient and professional and were very patient and helpful with me when I moved. They were also very gentle and cautious with all my things during the move. I would highly recommend them.

Stephanie- 12/19/16

Great job! Very careful

Steve- 12/16/16

Very professional. Good Job!

Dave- 12/13/16

Outstanding in every way, professional, competent, careful, efficient, effective; they did it all. Thank you.

Sue- 12/16/16

Excellent! Thank you. It went better than we would have ever imagined. The guys were great!

EW- 12/9/16

Excellent job. Will use you again.

Richard- 12/7/16

Excellent services. Very thoughtful and thorough.

Ulysses- 12/2/16

Your crew were very courteous, helpful and efficient. The best crew we ever had. I will recommend them to friends and anybody in need of a loading job. Good luck and cheers to you and yours.

Phillip- 12/2/16

Very good job, outstanding!

Trevor- 11/26/16

Awesome guys, great at their jobs, took great care of our items.

Robert and Wilma- 11/22/16

A+ Guys!

Kathy- 11/21/16

Great job, very efficient

Linda- 11/23/16

Good Job!

Kath- 11/18/16

The men were professional and efficient. I was very pleased with the job.

Vernan- 11/15/16

I was very pleased. They didn't waste time, did a great job.

John- 11/12/16

Totally Outstanding job. A+++ Super polite team!

Bruce- 11/12/16

PJ, Jerry, and Justin did an outstanding job. Very professional.

Adam- 11/11/16

These gentlemen did a wonderful job. I've moved a half dozen times and they are the best I've worked with. 

Wade- 11/10/16

All went well

Alan- 11/10/16

Excellent service; very professional and efficient

Walter- 11/8/16

Excellent job. The men worked very hard.

Susan- 11/7/16

Thank you... did a wonderful job.

G Rogers- 11/5/16

Very courteous and professional. Highly recommended.

Maryellen- 11/4/16

Excellent work as usual, fast, useful, and respectful

Kathryn- 10/31/16

Great job!

Geoffrey- 10/31/16

Excellent service! Friendly and very easy to work with. Keep up the great work. We will use The Local Mover again and recommend this company to our friends.

JW- 10/29/16


Debbie- 10/28/16

Always exceptional service. It is so nice to work with such great people!

Ellen- 10/27/16

Another great experience with The Local Mover! Thank you!

Harry- 10/25/16

Nice work, professional and neat

Debbie- 10/24/16

Great service! As always, the nicest people to work with.

Mark- 10/22/16

Fantastic crew leader and crew. Very professional and courteous. Would recommend to everyone.

Patrick- 10/19/16

Really excellent work, great crew. Thoughtful, considerate- can't recommend them enough!

Betsy- 10/15/16

Thank you! Very efficient.

Julian- 10/13/16

Outstanding, extremely professional, competent, cooperative, asked what more they could do. Extremely pleasant to deal with. Will use again.

Mari- 10/11/16

Great Job! Thanks a million!

Chuck- 10/10/16

Great guys! efficient, on time, and careful

Leslie- 10/4/16

Great job; nice guys; pleasant experience

Peter- 10/3/16

Fabulous!! So courteous and helpful!! Y'all saved my life. Bless you all!! The Local Mover Rocks!

Kathy- 10/3/16

Good job!

Kathy- 10/1/16

The crew was great! Efficient, polite, and considerate.

Dianna- 9/28/16

These guys were great! We had a lot of fun; the packing was professional. Thanks PJ, Billy, Jerry, Derrick

Rob- 9/27/16

Wonderful movers, polite, and gentlemen

Elizabeth- 9/27/16

Your crew was very efficient and professional and everything went quickly and smoothly. They were very cautious and protective of my furniture and wall art. I would highly recommend The Local Mover!

Charlie- 9/23/16

Very excellent work by all crew members. Very happy with all work. Large pieces expertly disassembled and reassembled made those pieces, such as exercise machine, possible.

James- 9/20/16

These were great guys. Great work. We were in safe hands many thanks and blessings.

G Rogers- 9/14/16

Billy and Derrick were professional and courteous. We highly recommend them.

Patricia- 9/10/16

As always Angelo and PJ gave is service that was well beyond the usual- extraordinary!

Thank you for having such a professional attitude.

Oren- 9/10/16

Your guys were on time. Very courteous and professional. We will call on you again.

Cesar- 9/10/16

This is THE BEST experience I have ever had when relocating. Customer service was beyond expectations and the quality of the service is worth every cent.

Mary Claire- 9/9/16

*Great Job!!!* Will call again!!!

Henry- 9/8/16

Terrific job- no problems- enjoyable guys. Angelo is a very experienced and complete supermover.

Diane- 9/6/16

Thank you for a careful, efficient,friendly, and totally worth the price experience. I will call you again and recommend you to all my friends!

Mary- 9/6/16

Great job!!!

Sam- 9/2/16

Perfects! Fast help. Thanks guys!

Dustin- 9/2/16

Totally professional- nice guys!

Margo- 8/31/16

Everything was excellent- the men were very professional and polite. If I ever needed moved again I will be call ya'll.

Leigh- 8/30/16

Angelo, PJ, Derrick, and Billy were excellent. Evan is a miracle worker. I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart, your flexibility and professionalism. 

Sarah- 8/25/16

Angelo, Derrick & Jerry all did a great job, they were kind, helpful, and conscientious. I would hire them again in a second! 

Gail- 8/24/16

Superior job as always! Thanks so much. Your employees are wonderful- very nice, very professional, very helpful.

Greg- 8/20/16

Excellent workers, fast paced, did everything I asked. Very impressed. Will refer for sure.

Kyle- 8/18/16

Once again, Angelo is the Best, but everyone knows that I'm sure! Thanks so much!

Walter- 8/15/16

On time. Work done quickly, efficiently, without breakage. Very nice men

Norma Jean- 8/13/16

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Will use again and refer to my friends and family!

June- 8/12/16

Did very good job. Very responsible and careful.

Ron- 8/11/16

Guys did a great job. Very helpful and worked real hard.

Jake- 8/9/16

Did a wonderful job, would recommend to anyone moving to the area.

Carolyn- 8/6/16

Everything worked out very well. The guys were polite and treated our stuff with care and understanding. Well done!

Jessica- 8/4/16

Angelo and team where very professional and patient, and dealt very well with a change of plans when our painters weren't done. we will definitely recommend you all to our friends.


Excellent work, fast and efficient.

Darin- 8/1/16

Very fast and courteous crew, excellent service and effort.

Carolyn- 8/1/16

Great job- Thanks much! Very helpful, friendly, willing to please. Good workers- no breaks.

Tracy- 7/30/16

Excellent- efficient, friendly, positive, worth every cent!

Dave- 7/29/16

Outstanding in every respect. 

Ward- 7/27/16

Right on time. Careful and conscientious. Very pleased and a pleasure to work with.

John- 7/16/16

A great experience. These two guys worked so hard, so cheerfully,and so helpfully, it was a pleasure. I would (and will) recommend y'all to anyone.

Mike- 7/15/16

Excellent service! Very professional and courteous! took great care of our belongings and worked through the rain.

Angela- 7/13/16


Janna- 7/ 7/16

Very professional and hard working team. Thanks for the excellent service!

Elizabeth- 7/6/16

Fantastic work- highly recommended!

Estelle- 7/4/16

Awesome! The Local Mover's are wonderful and efficient. We were very pleased and will use them again.

Karen- 6/29/16

Awesome job! very happy with all the guys!

Mike- 6/28/16

Excellent work- would definitely recommend and would use again.

Patterson- 6/27/16

Great, friendly, professional job on a long hot move.

Lane & Julian- 6/23/16

A wonderful crew- so accommodating- so polite- so professional. I hope to NEVER move again- but- if I do- I'll cal you- so many thanks. Angelo can put together clocks and grand pianos!

Derick- 6/20/16

Absolutely BEST moving experience EVER! Wonderful job, very professional, AWESOME crew.

Debbie- 6/10/16

Excellent- as always! The very best guys- so nice and helpful. always exceeds expectation.

​​Jon- 6/7/16

Exceptional service. High recommended. Very friendly and personable. We are very please!

Gene- 6/7/16

The guys: Angelo, Jerry, Miles did a very effective and careful move for us and all items were placed where we directed.

Very cordial fellows and hard workers, no wasted time or movements!

James- 6/6/16

Fantastic. Professional! Awesome.

Megan- 6/6/16

Amazing job they were very kind, patients, and efficient. Would love to use the service again.

Theresa- 6/3/16

Impressed with how quickly the guys went to Nashville and back. As always, polite and efficient.

Steve- 6/2/16

Great job, hard working boys.

Alan & Mary- 6/1/16

Excellent, very professional, efficient work.

Will call on these guys again- they were great!

Courtney- 5/31/16

Superb! From beginning to end. Appreciate the care with handling and the time efficiency.

Stephen- 5/31/16

Great. Very professional. I would highly recommend.

Tony- 5/31/16

Great job. Very careful and moved quick. Will always use in the future.

Katherine- 5/28/16

Y'all were a pleasure to work with!

Professional & friendly!

Rob & Rhonda- 5/27/16

Absolutely the best experience EVER!!! Actually early- good thing though & welcome, professional, courteous, & worked amazingly well with us and our kids and animals.

Really groovy experience and we highly, hugely recommend!

Stephen- 5/26/16

Very fast and punctual. All work done as requested cordially and professionally. Thanks loads!

Reeves- 5/25/16

Very good, helpful, careful. Would use again.

Angela- 5/24/16


Mark- 5/23/16

Movers were very professional, easy to deal with. No job to big. Fantastic service. Would recommend to anyone.

Frank- 5/23/16

Great job!!

Matt- 5/22/16


Jeff- 5/21/16

Crew did EXCELLENT job! Highly recommended.

Bette- 5/20/16

Great job! Thank you!

Kammy- 5/19/16

Billy, Myles,& PJ were outstanding! They made the move not only easy, but downright fun!... I highly recommend them and their professional, courteous service.

Amber- 5/19/16

Very professional & delicate with all items. You can tell they care as much about your belongings as you do! Very highly recommended.

Christi- 5/17/16

Perfect! thank you.

Naullain- 5/16/16

Excellent job! Everything was perfect. No one can stack a storage unit better!!

Lurena- 5/16/16

Awesome! Great job, efficient & knows everything will be safe.

Vernon- 5/15/16

Very efficient, will request same crew when I need to load in September. I really appreciate their effort.

Loretta- 5/13/16

Awesome job!!! Very considerate of our furniture. Will be recommending to others.

Camen- 5/12/16

Great work as always.

Susan- 5/8/16

What a strong and willing group of patient and good workers- fast, efficient, speedy, and very pleasant. Angelo, PJ and Billy- What a GREAT crew.

Tom- 5/6/16

Very efficient and courteous crew. We hope to have Angelo, PJ, and Jerry do our full move from Spring Hill, TN.

Robbin- 5/5/16

Great Job, will use them again and recommend them to other people.

Charles- 5/3/16

Great Service- All the men hustled and did great. We loved the attitude of them. 

Stephen- 4/30/16

Excellent service!

Timely, friendly, and efficient.

Angela- 4/28/16


Clean, polite, efficient, careful

Kathryn- 4/27/16

Great Job!!!

I will recommend you highly.

Maryellen- 4/24/16

Great job! fast, efficient, courteous

A pleasure working with Angelo & PJ.

Charlie- 4/24/16

Outstanding Service.

Would recommend to anyone.

Amanda- 4/23/16


Very kind, respectful, wonderful men.

great experience

Cindy- 4/22/16

This crew was absolutely wonderful. They were early to work and were much, much, more helpful than I ever expected. I could write all day, but all three were GREAT!! I would use your company again if needed and will recommend them to anyone, anytime.

Katie- 4/21/16

Everyone was professional, friendly, and quick. As always, you made the move go smoothly! Thanks!

Ward- 4/20/16

Showed up right on time, courteous, hustled- and were better and more helpful than anyone else.

Doris- 4/19/16

Best mover, best crew, best workers, best of everything including rates.

Hampton- 4/17/16

Very great experience. The three guys were extremely professional. Angelo managed with great care and expertise.

Jean- 4/16/16

Great, smart packed, efficient

Kim- 4/11/16


On time, tidy, fast, careful, polite, and very reasonably priced.

Henry- 4/4/16


Could not have been easier.

Buck- 3/29/16

Excellent service, smart & considerate employees. Could not have asked for more.

Wade- 3/29/16

Awesome- Careful crew

very meticulous and courteous.

Alan- 3/29/16

Great, very professional, efficient, and cost effective job!

Pat- 3/28/16

As usual- Angelo and his crew did the high quality kind of job we expected- fast, efficient, and courtesy- filled- Even had fun!

Tracy- 3/27/16

Very efficient- very fast- very careful. Very pleased.

Jo Anna- 3/26/16

These guys were terrific, friendly, & fast. I've had good & bad before and I would love to have the crew again.

Vickey- 3/26/16

Could not ask for a better moving crew. Will use agian. Thank you for treating my stuff like your own.

Mary- 3/23/16

Great job! Very efficient.

Reeves- 3/21/16

Good job.

William- 3/18/16

Did great!

Charles- 3/16/16

Great service; knowledgeable.

Gorell- 3/15/16

Great job!

Brandon- 3/8/16

Great job guys!

Debbie- 3/1/16

Excellent service! Great guys- pleasant to work with.

Emily- 2/28/16

Great! Thank you!

John- 2/28/16

Did a great job, very professional.

Brandy- 2/27/16

Awesome guys! Very efficient. Moved us quicker than last two companies and came in under budgeted time. Would hire again.

Camen- 2/26/16

Great job. Very Respectful.


Joyce- 2/26/16

His boys were very nice and worked very well.

Richard- 2/20/16

Wonderful job! Will call again!

Ryan- 2/20/16

Great job! Very professional

Elaine- 2/20/16

Everyone was careful with furniture. Very Thorough- Extremely Satisfied

Michael- 2/17/16

Angelo, PJ & Billy were outstanding. They worked quickly yet very carefully. Very Professional & personable. Very willing to help- however & could not be more pleased. Will definitely refer you to other & use you in the future.

Laura- 2/16/16

Very efficient! Nice guys.

Karen- 2/15/16

Very excellent job by both workers. Would highly recommend your company to anyone. Great customer Service.

Bill- 2/14/16

Courteous, careful, considerate- This is my second time around.​​

Dorris- 2/11/16

Best movers ever- both times I have used this company they have always been excellent, would recommend  to anyone.

Richard- 2/6/16

The guys did a great job. I'm very satisfied.

Huffines- 2/6/16

Good Job

Janice- 2/4/16

Good group of guys- very nice.

Does not waste time

Job well done

Would use them again

Theresa- 2/3/16

Great Job!

Tave- 1/30/16

Great, Great, & great.

Theresa- 1/29/16
They did a good job

Mary- 1/27/16

Team was very efficient and patient. they took great care with our belongings and I would highly recommend them for any moving needs you have.

Bill- 1/27/16

Quick, fast, courteous. no time wasted. A+++

Dawn- 1/25/16

Your men have worked hard. Stayed on the job. Did everything to make the move  go smooth. Good Work.

Folks at Home- 1/20/16

Excellent service under adverse weather conditions! Thanks you again.

Katie- 1/19/16

Absolutely wonderful! Professional, friendly service. Love how careful there were too.

Cody- 1/16/16

You guys were awesome.

Dusty- 1/15/16

Guys did a great job!

Sally- 11/13/16

Thank you for excellent service. you're the BEST.

Debbie- 1/12/16

Great services and Great guys- a pleasure to work with.

Annie- 1/10/16

Great job!

McMurphy- 1/19/16

Great easy move, thank you so much! They were so helpful!

Kya- 1/19/16

Very helpful. Worked very quickly and professionally. Will use again and recommend to others.

Debe- 12/31/15

Great job as usual.

Cindy- 12/29/15

PJ and Chase were very professional. We are extremely pleased with the work they did and would gladly recommend your company.

Mark- 12/29/15

Excellent service: arrived on time- packed truck safely and efficiently. Great!

Delia- 12/23/15

Super! amazing! So fast, efficient, careful with everything!! And very polite and courteous. very creative on how to move to disassemble.

Charles- 12/22/15

On times- quick- careful- courteous- friendly- efficient- what more can you ask for?

Elizebeth- 12/20/15

Angelo and Lucas were GREAT!!!! Kind, courteous, and careful.

Bess- 12/20/15


Gale- 12/19/15

Guys did awesome job!

Debbie- 12/18/15

Fantastic service! Great guys always doing more than asked. The best!! Love working together.

Leigh- 12/12/15

Your movers were awesome! So accommodating and very professional. They came to Nashville to move us up to Monteagle. Appreciate them so much and will refer them to anyone I know who needs moving services. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Donna- 12/7/15

I was so pleased. They did an excellent job. I have never used anybody that was so careful with our stuff. Great job!!!

Katherine- 12/7/15
All of my crew was fabulous, courteous, and cautious with my things. Highly recommend them!

Nick- 12/5/15
Well done- as usual! 

Kye- 12/3/15

Absolutely Awesome- I’ve never seen anyone any better! Courteous, helpful, Angelo is just the best. So great at his job and takes pride in it. Rare these days.

Ray- 12/2/15
Great job! Worked out fine for us.

Barbara- 11/28/15


Joy- 11/24/15

I loved yall so much. I did it twice and you did not disappoint! Angelo rocked the day again. PJ and Lucas handled my stuff as if it was theirs- makes all the difference! Thanks for everything- again!

Anna- 11/24/15

These guys were wonderful! They were professional and friendly! I would recommend them to ANYONE! Job well done! Wonderful experience!

Don- 11/20/15
Good-efficient- friendly

Wyatt- 11/20/15


Bertha- 11/19/15

Good job.

Betty- 11/17/15

Great job. Thank you so much!

Tom- 11/11/15

Great- exceptional service. Will go to you for the next move. Very professional.

Stephen- 11/7/15

Outstanding job. Friendly and efficient. Thanks

Debbie- 11/6/15

Excellent service. The best around. Thank you! 

Mary- 11/5/15

Very organized, helpful, and respectful of our possessions. Angelo and his team were efficient and easy to work with.

David- 11/4/15

Excellent work.

Debbie- 11/3/15

Excellent! As always- great guys and great service

Georgie- 10/29/15

Very smooth move- loved having the same men pack, load, drive, unload, and place where we wanted everything!

Betty- 10/24/15

Excellent… packing and unpacking.

Joan- 10/23/15

You guys are really great. We will use you again and we will recommend you.

Eric- 10/22/15

Great service- very professional. Everything was top notch. Would recommend.

Barney- 10/19/15

The guys were great and very nice.

Richard- 10/15/15

Very happy- they took very good care of everything.

Joan- 10/14/15

Fantastic job. Pleasant, professional guys. Will use you again and recommend.

Brandon- 10/12/15

Great job. One time and fast.

Lisa- 10/11/15

The crew was great. They exceeded our expectations!

Debbie- 10/6/15

Excellent- as always! Your guys are the absolute best.

Maurice- 10/3/15

You have a wonderful moving crew. They go beyond what we require to do to make sure everyone is happy.

Daniel- 10/2/15

I was very pleased with the guys’ effort. Angelo pushed his crew and they all responded well. I would not hesitate to suggest this tea, for personal moving in the future.

Rick & Deb- 10/1/15

Great crew- very professional, friendly. Packed everything well. Your team was AWESOME! REAL PROS- GREAT WORK!

Linda- 9/29/15
Very good job. Would recommend!

Ed- 9/28/15

As usual- excellent work.

Brooke- 9/26/15

Excellent 5 star service. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Susan- 9/25/15
Excellent service. Men were on time and didn’t waste a minute getting started. Items were packed with care.

Debbie- 9/25/15

Excellent service as always- great guys- super helpful and nice.

Ruth- 9/18/15

Your movers were great! I cannot believe how careful and thoughtful they were! Thank you.

Steve- 9/18/15

Thanks! I could not have moved it without you…

Wendy- 9/16/15
This was a wonderful experience. These guys mean it when they say relax we got it. I would highly recommend them!

Carmen- 9/9/15

Great job! Quick and efficient.

Elizabeth- 9/5/15

Your crew did a spectacular job.

Casandra- 9/2/15
Courteous- helpful- no lost furniture- professional on appearance and actions.

Gail and Tom- 8/30/15
Anytime you want a recommendation from us for you and these movers, just let us know. Very professional, very polite, very kind are words I would use to describe these men. Ours was a hard move, they handled it beautifully. Thank you.

Harold- 8/27/15

Great job!

Mark and Mary- 8/22/15

Great service! Thanks. Very professional. Very careful. Very polite.

Jennifer- 8/15/15

Fantastic job. Fast and efficient. Showed up early and took care of all we needed done.

Debbie- 8/13/15

Great Service!

Judy- 8/13/15

Great, Love you guys

David- 7/23/15

The crew was very professional, efficient, and courteous. I would happily recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Anita- 7/24/15

Both guys were fantastic. Knew what they were doing. Thank you!

Dale- 7/21/15

Professional is the first word to describe the services- Excellent!

Diane- 7/20/ 15

Supper efficient and capable. Careful and smart. Friendly and easy to work with.

Hayden & Tammy- 7/19/15

Trey & Angelo did an amazing job! we would recommend these guys and The Local Mover to anyone.

Diana- 7/18/15

Great Service, very courteous, fast workers, worth every penny.

Joy- 7/15/15

Excellent! A few minutes early and never stopped. Very organized and protected all of my things. Finished within budgeted time and expense. I would definitely recommend them.

Marie- 7/14/15

The movers did an excellent job.

Vernon- 7/13/15

Very good job. This is the second time I used your service. Will do again if needed. Thanks.

Debbie- 7/12/15

As always- exceeds expectations! A pleasure to work with.

Lydia- 7/11/15

Angelo, Billy, Trey, and Jesse were wonderful! Professional, careful, thorough, responsive... We would definitely hire you guys again. Thanks so much for making this process 5x less stressful.

Jim- 7/11/15

Great service and attitudes. If you need a reference, let me know.

Ward- 7/3/15

Absolutely- on time, efficient, courteous- consistently made sure everything was executed correctly.

Nicky- 7/1/15

Excellent services, works really fast! Great, honest, friendly guys. Highly recommended.

Jess- 6/29/15

Great job. Very, very accommodating.

Christi- 6/27/15

Super job! Many thanks! See you next year!

Tom- 6/26/15

Great job!

Etta- 6/25/15

Very pleasant & professional, very neat & careful, courteous & timely. Awesome job. Thank you.

Barbara- 6/24/15

Very good service and very sociable guys.

Kevin- 6/24/15

Great job, arrived on time & made my move so much easier. They took great care of my furnishings & appliances.

Debbie- 6/26/15

Excellent service- exceeds expectations.

Kevin- 6/21/15

Great job, arrived promptly with eight movers, equipment, and took great care of my things!

Amber- 7/20/15

Loved them!! Super efficient. Will use again.

Shelia- 6/17/15

Extremely happy with the movers. Would recommend them to everyone. They were nice and very helpful in placing my furniture and took great care with everything.

Erica- 6/15/15

Great job! Very friendly!

Laura- 6/14/15

Very professional and friendly. Thorough and on time. Thank you!

Katie- 6/11/15

Fantastic as always! Thanks.

Theresa- 6/11/15

Excellent job and pleasant workers!

Pamela- 6/8/15

Good job- did everything I needed

Kim- 6/6/15

Excellent Work- prompt- efficient, very helpful. Will use mover again when I buy a house.

Charles- 6/6/15

Very well pleased, professionals, would use again.

Mark &Cassie- 6/4/15

Excellent, swift, and courteous service. We have done three moves in the last few years, and this was by far the best. I would recommend this company to anyone- thank you!

Sarah- 6/3/15

Absolutely fabulous. Professional, efficient, and a joy to work with. I cant imagine a better experience. Thank you.

Bess- 6/1/15


Maggie- 5/28/15

Very attentive and organized- especially moving things into storage in a well-ordered way.

Sarah- 5/28/15

Great crew. Very hard workers. Thank You! I highly recommend The Local Mover.

Janna- 5/25/15

The Local Mover sent professional, courteous workers. Everything was done quickly and smoothly. Thanks for your excellent work!

Paige- 5/23/15

Very dependable, punctual and courteous. Our furniture was handled with greet care. Thrilled to recommend you in the future.

Celeste- 5/18/15

Great help, very patient and obliging.

Cindy- 5/15/15

Could not ask for anyone better to use super group and so wonderful and patient. Very careful and thorough.

Eve- 5/6/15

I have used professional movers 26 times over the past 35 years, from large national van lines to regional family firms. In all my experiences I have not had better movers. Angelo is the master at all he does and the entire team were considerate, friendly and professional. I am proud to recommend The Local Mover to anyone. 

Vernon- 5/4/15

Very pleased, efficient will use again. I appreciate their professional approach.

Anita- 4/28/15

Great job! Very kind, courteous, and efficient! Thank you!

Carrie- 4/18/15

Fantastic people.

Thomas- 4/16/15

Great job!

Morgan- 4/15/15

Evan and his men did an excellent job moving our house. I would recommend them to everyone!

Patricia- 4/9/15

These were the fastest, bestest movers I have ever had! They had a professional attitude, stayed with the task- were flexible while making sure everything stayed on track. All in all, a great experience. (I've moved over 20 times.)

Robin 4/8/15

Friendly, organized, competent, and relaxed.

Ari- 4/3/15

Amazing, respectful, super efficient. I can't believe the level of customer service. Angelo is an amazing mover. Trey was an eager student and also extremely respectful.

Jannet- 3/31/15

I was delighted with the professional service, as well as the willingness to go beyond my initial plans.

Charles- 3/30/15

Friendly crew and worked hard- worked with our schedule!! Very professional. Loved tat we were able to use our boxes.

Tom- 3/28/15

The move was easy due to the great guys that helped us. They were professional and careful with my furniture. Thanks so much!

Ty- 3/24/15

Excellent! Could not have been better! absolute professional every inch of the way.

Tom- 3/24/15

Great job. A pleasure working with these guys.

Robert- 3/14/15

Very Professional movers- will call them if I ever need movers.

Carole- 2/25/15

"Great. Personable. Courteous. Neat. Pleasant. Fast. Efficient. Great group of guys. Friendly. Would recommend company to anyone asking about this group! Thanks!"

Theresa- 2/14/15

"Excellent! Quick! Polite! Would definitely use them again."

Ruth- 1/31/15

"We loved the movers! They were great!"

Nicole- 1/30/15

"Thank you for an excellent job- quick, careful, and pleasant. You guys are great!"

Justin- 1/24/15

"The crew was great. Very courteous and great to work with. Hard Workers! Thanks"

Edward- 1/10/15

"GREAT!! Wonderful job. Careful, friendly. Will call again"

Margaret- 1/6/15

"Wonderful! Prompt, thoughtful, and conscientious. Many Thanks" 

Debrah- 12/23/14

:Movers were great- real professionals with their work ethic and wonderful attitudes.Willing to do whatever was asked. I have used The Local Mover in the past and will do so again."

Beltic- 12/11/14

"Delightful men to wok with- made a stressful move pleasant!"

Ron- 12/6/14

"The movers were wonderful! Professional and took great care of our items. Would definitely recommend them to anyone."

Mick- 11/20/14

"I have moved many times in my life and this rates as the most professional, most organized move ever. The guys were very cordial, but perform the work at lightning speed. I couldn't be more pleased!"

Julie- 11/18/14

"Really fast, excellent work!! Thanks very much!"

Melody- 11/13/14

"These guys were great! Above and Beyond! They work beyond great!"

Rachel- 11/8/2014

"As always, the guys did a great job! They worked hard and moved quickly!"

Betty- 11/5/14

"These guys have been very courteous and easy to work with. They have done a great job, and we will certainly use them again when we get a house to move into. Thank you!"

Judy- 11/1/14

"Excellent job! Very efficient and they work hard and fast! Thank you so much for your help! I will use you again."

Brooke- 10/23/14

"Excellent. Highly recommended! Thank you."

Debbie- 10/22/14

"Very​ professional and courteous. The guys did a great job and I will tell everyone about the great job they did. I will definitely use them again!"

Pinny- 10/16/14


Nathan- 10/14/14

"Great job! Will use again!"

"I've moved out of state and out of the country. There isn't one moving company, in my opinion that compares to Evan's crew. The guys were great! Top notch group of responsible, honest, and compassionate men."

​Diane- 10/9/14

"Excellent job"

Kitty- 9/16/14
"Fabulous! Genius movers for difficult moves. Thanks"

Helen-  9/14/14
"Yes... this company and Evan are AWESOME!!! We recently moved and Evan and his Men moved us.  They, not only were extremely professional, they were EXTREMELY Courteous.   They used all measures to assure that our furniture was not harmed in any way and they worked together to keep things moving quickly.  We paid what he quoted.  A very good experience and if you are planning a move we highly and honestly recommend The Local Mover."

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